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To be safe

    B 1981

LNY     1995, (Successfully avoided my zone school)

RNY     1998, (Expelled from school)

LNY     2010

RNY     2012

LNY     2015

RNY     2016


  • M-theory is conjectured by Edward Witten.


  • Experimental proof is obtained that neutrinos have mass.


  • One of Jupiter’s stripes was found to be missing.


  • German scientists convert a gold sphere just 60 nanometers in diameter into an ultrasensitive listening device, potentially allowing for the sounds of bacteria and other single cell organisms to be recorded.


  • Astronomers have observed and measured a neutron star slipping out of view because of the warp in space-time it’s orbit creates. The star is expected to reappear in about 160 years.


  • The discovery of quantum tunneling of water molecules is reported.

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